What is a forum?

you must be new here willy wonka What is a forum?

A forum is an online community where like minded people come together to discuss a particular topic such as music, business or a brand eg. Apple products. Forums can be general such as a movie community or more specific such as www.processindustryforum.com.¬†They are often divided into different sections such as general chat, questions and recommendations which makes navigating around the site much easier for those looking for a specific piece of information. If you have done a search and the topic is not already covered anywhere on the forum, as a member you can begin a new topic entitled whatever you like and wait for others to contribute. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the chat whilst you are not logged in, you can request that the forum send you notifications whenever an admin or another user sends a message that you should see.

Who uses forums?

The fact that forums can be based on such a wide variety of topics means that there is no specific type of person that uses them. If you choose to join a DIY forum for example, you may find that there are people just on there to learn tips, others who have a specific problem that they need help with, some businesses who want to promote their site or simply help people out where they can. This is the beauty of a forum, you often don’t need any specific credentials to get involved with the conversation, so anyone can contribute making the range of responses much more interesting.

What are the rules?

Many forums have a list of rules that must be agreed to before a new member joins to ensure that the site stays on topic and does not cause any offence. Common rules include no rude language, no spamming the forum and keep the content relevant. There will be a moderation team that keep an eye on www.cheapcialisoriginal.com/ this and members can report any post that they feel breaks the rules in anyway. Content that is offensive is often deleted and that user may be banned from the site.