Tips for Losing Those Last Five Pounds

Have you been struggling with your weight? If you’ve been following the cardinal rules of eating mindfully and exercising regularly there’s still a chance that your body is resisting giving up those last five pounds. Take some of these suggestions from the professionals to achieve your ideal bod weight. Fad diets and extreme exercise will help you achieve your goal in the short term, but rest assured that those pounds will return rather quickly if you’ve chosen a weight loss method that’s not healthy and sustainable. Surely you don’t want to be back in this same situation in a few short weeks. First, congratulations to you for your commitment to attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight. Your mind, body, skeleton and organs will all thank you for years to come.

You no doubt have been making healthy eating choices to be a mere five pounds away from your goal. Consider evaluating your portion sizes. This is often the Achilles heel of developing healthy eating habits. A general rule of thumb is portion size should not exceed the size of your fist. Second, take stock of your sleep patterns for a week. Insufficient sleep can deter weight loss. This is your body’s time to repair and rebuild torn muscles from exercise.  Your body can resist giving up weight if you aren’t getting adequate sleep.

Finally, ramp up your exercise regime ten or fifteen percent. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in some new active wear from  Athleta. That’s enough to inspire most people to ramp up their workout regime. If you have been enduring a heavy weight lifting regime, you’re converting fat into muscle. If your shape is fine and your clothes fit well, those last five pounds may well be new muscle. Good luck on your healthy living journey!


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