Search Engine Optimization Techniques After Penguin 2.0

images 21 300x81 Search Engine Optimization Techniques After Penguin 2.0

Search engine optimization is the technique used to rank websites on search engines, primarily Google. Google is the numero uno among search engines beating the others by a huge margin. In fact, the word Google itself has become synonymous with search engines. Earlier people used to ask which search engine do you use. Nowadays, people just take it for granted that you have used Google to find what you need. With so many people depending on Google for search results, it becomes imperative that Google provides quality search results. Hence, Google keeps updating its search algorithm to stay ahead of spammers and the like.

The latest big update of Google has been named Penguin 2.0. After this update, people who have been using links from bad neighborhoods, paid links etc have been affected. To optimize your website after Penguin 2.0 you need to have a balance link building process. Links are still very valuable and building links in a proper manner is very essential after this update. What you need to do is have a broad and diverse link building strategy. Don’t just link to a particular set of keywords. Link to your primary keyword and also to other related keywords. Link to your bare URL and also link whole sentences. Google wants us to diversify our link building strategy post Penguin 2.0 and we should adhere to that.

Social media has changed the way we communicate. Twitter, facebook, linkedin and the like have changed our lives completely. Linking your social media accounts to your Google+ account creates Author Rank for you and you can become an authority on the topic of your choosing.

Last but not least is content. Content has been and always will be king according to Good quality content will always be found, so you need to create quality content. All your link building strategies will be of waste if your content quality is not good. Anybody linking back to you will do so only if the content is good and adds value to their site. So make sure you create quality content.

If you have been hit hard by the latest Penguin update, then you need to do an audit of your back links and remove all links that are in bad neighborhoods, remove links that are paid links, disavow a few links etc. These will help your website regain the earlier search engine status.