Mobile Application 3D’s: Design, Development and Deployment

Mobile productivity Mobile Application 3D’s: Design, Development and DeploymentEverybody makes use of mobile application for today. An average person who uses smart phones has an average of 41 apps. Yes that’s the average; I had 46 and already deleted a couple. I can be a great example for this article. I recognize good apps; I recognized poorly strewn codes and even bad design. I’ve been doing app reviews for some time and I felt like I’ve seen them all.

Tips for a Good Design

Okay. So we say that an average person has seen these apps already. But I beg to disagree with myself, I haven’t seen them all. Greater apps sometimes are undiscovered. And if you found them because you need them or just through pure luck, then good. You can recognize right away a good design. We’ are talking here of Mobile Application Development and not web app development, to help you remember.

Here are the tips:

1. Optimize your design for all screen sizes from the smallest to the biggest.

2. Think of good graphics while designing. Do not settle for the usual splash screen.

3. Make it sleek and minimal. Yeah everybody loves sleek apps, and it includes me.

4. Include the in-app navigation icons, the home screen app icon and home screen navigation.

5. Develop a design that is minimal, clean and user friendly.

What to Do After Finalizing the Design—Development

This is where the development and the real work come in. It is the process of doing and inputting all the codes as well as trying to make everything work.

The key to make this a success is to hire the best developer or have the best designer work together. Keep in mind that the development’s success depends on the executability of the design and the talent of the developer. Ask a seasoned and experienced developer to do the job too. Never entrust your mobile app to a green horned IT student without the experience.

And in the development keep tabs of what is happening, make sure that the process doesn’t deviate from your goals as well as from your design. If you are doing the design and the developing all by yourself, then the better. You know the app, you know your goals.

When everything is finalized, you can run a test for your app. Have it used by real people and don’t be afraid by feedback. They will help in making the app better and more usable.

The Deployment Stage

It is always advised that you d everything with a bang, usually, for the mobile app developers, because the first few days of your app is its highest peak. If you hold there strongly then probably you are a hit. If you remain passive after your launching then you have to do something else, tweak it maybe.

Deployment and its success depend on your design and your marketing. Try to do cross platform apps and not just focus on one platform. It can help too.

So have you got any mobile app queries on design, development, or deployment?