Five Essential Tips For Every Blog Post You Ever Write

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Lots of people start a blog, but very few make a notable income from it. And, a lot of the info you read on the web can be of variable quality, so getting help to nudge you in the right direction can be tough at times. So, we’ve searched through the Internet for you and come up with these winning tips. Try them out and don’t forget to let us know how you got on.

Be yourself

When you first start writing a blog, it can be tempting to begin with a brand new personality. That’s fine – it’s a new outlet for you and a definite way of creating a new side of your personality. But, if you can’t be yourself, you are going to find it hard to maintain the level of consistency that you need to become a successful blog writer.

Be consistent

Which brings us to our next point. You don’t have to write three or four posts every day, every week, and every month. Concentrate on quality rather than quantity, and it will serve you far better than blasting out posts at great speed. But, however often you post, makes sure you keep it consistent. Perhaps your audience is used to reading what you have to say over breakfast, or on their way to work. Whatever time is most favorable for you, stick to it. People feel comfortable with their routines, so never take that away from them.

Be focused

You don’t need more than three or four core subjects on your blog. And, to be honest, you are more likely to become a success if you stick to one topic of expertise. Everything you write should refer to what your blog is about. Why? Because your audience don’t care what you had for breakfast (unless you are doing a food or weight loss blog.) All your posts should be focused on serving your readers, and no-one else.

Work on your promotion

You have to learn how to market your blog because if you don’t, nobody will ever see the fruits of your labor. Even the biggest blogs on the planet get forgotten about by once-loyal readers. The web is so competitive and full of ‘stuff’ – and all that stuff acts as a distraction from what you have to say. Share everything you do, ask for feedback, respond to comments: it’s all basic stuff that many people forget to do. Make sure that you don’t.

Mix things up

If you want more traffic, then your blog has a much higher chance of success if you deliver a range of content. Nobody has time to sit through a 2,000-word post on the lifestyle of the Victorian sewer rat, but they might watch a 90-second animated video about it. Use infographics to condense posts with lots of numbers and statistics, to make them more attractive. And don’t be afraid to rehash old content – if it has been successful. A long blog post could give a video, an infographic, or a chapter of an e-book, and many more things.

To conclude, be fresh, original, and most of all, be yourself. It’s all about making use of what you already have – so go for it!