How to increase followers and activity in social networks

Social networks are a kind of Google search engine but controlled by the people, and are quite fair when providing visits to a site. If your content is good, and well shared, and if your content is bad is not shared and do not arrive visits (unless you do some kind of traps). There is […]

Using Technology to Manage a Sales Team

According to, more than 74% of today’s sales managers admit to having poor communication skills. If you are in sales, then this statistic might sound alarming to you. Communication is key to effective sales management. If your team doesn’t know what is expected of them, how are they supposed to perform? Also, if you […]

Digital Signage Is The Eco-Friendly Way To Advertise

Organizations can definitely benefit from using a digital signage solution as their main advertising engine. Entrepreneurs get an opportunity to share news about their brand in a profoundly effective way. Digital signs offer different display options, including RSS, animation, video, graphics or other audiovisual advertising solutions. Digital sign monitors serve all sectors, including hospitality, corporate […]

Why You Should Not Go for DIY SEO

Search Engine Optimization has today emerged as a vast and grand industry for the past few years. In fact, in present times the idea of designing a web site or expanding a business online is immediately followed by the search engine optimization. The online industry has experienced a heavy boost in the number of professionals […]

How to convert files (FLV, MP4, AVI and WMV) to AMV

AMV was adapted from the popular AVI multimedia container. As AVI, AMV format can group audio and video data together in a single file. But AMV files are significantly smaller than AVIs. AMV is also dwarfed by other video compression formats such as FLV, MP4 and WMV. Since all these video files are encoded digitally […]

How to Achieve Professional Photo Printing Quality at Home

Although you may love taking photos, you may not love the process of uploading your digital prints to a store website, waiting for them to be processed, and then being required to go pick them up. From start to finish, this process can feel like more of a hassle than it’s worth. Unfortunately, many people […]

5 Tips for Panorama Printing Home Usage

Anyone having a color printer at house can take printout of their digital pictures from the convenience of their home only. Panoramas may come in an odd shape, if you try to print on letter size or standard A4 size, but might end up with getting a letter box shape across the frame. Most of […]

Mobile Application 3D’s: Design, Development and Deployment

Everybody makes use of mobile application for today. An average person who uses smart phones has an average of 41 apps. Yes that’s the average; I had 46 and already deleted a couple. I can be a great example for this article. I recognize good apps; I recognized poorly strewn codes and even bad design. […]

How To Get Professional Web Development Company

When you want to revamp, upgrade, or create a new web application, you will have to take into consideration the exiting circumstances in order to plan your website maintenance and business growth.  One of the most important things is to choose the right web development company. We often come across instances where businesses hire a […]

How much Faster is Fibre Optic Cable Compared to Traditional Cable?

Cable speeds are getting faster every year, with the potential to deliver broadband, television, and phone signals increasing at an almost exponential rate. Fibre optic cables have played a significant role in the increase in speeds achieved in recent years, and offer some advantages over traditional copper and coaxial cables. However, what are the major […]